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Family Connections of Michigan - We exist for YOU...

We support families.  We believe in a family centered approach to treatment and care.  We collaborate with parents and connect them with the right services for their children. 

By doing all this and more, we help your children reach their full potential.


Speaking Engagements


Attention service providers, educators, and community organizations...

We want to talk to you!


Special Topics

  • The journey from diagnosis through treatment, a parent’s perspective

  • Grief and loss – 5 stages, clinical implications, impact on families


  • Special needs demand special interventions from service providers

Case Management & Service Coordination

Create your own

Individual Parenting Plan...


We will help you create your own "to do" list for you and your child:


  • Understand and triage your childrens' needs

  • Become better informed about service options and service providers

  • Explore your options and create a plan


You are not alone. 

We will do this with you…


Individual Child, Adolescent, Adult Psychotherapy


Individual therapy

Approaches will vary based on age, development, presenting issues and treatment goals. Therapy can include insight-oriented work, behavior modification, skill building and support.


Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses on working together to improve communication, problem-solve, and live together successfully.


Therapeutic Parenting

This individually supports and guides parents/caregivers as they deal with the challenges of raising healthy, happy and successful children. The therapist also assists parents in gaining the skills and empowerment needed to successfully advocate for their children with special needs.

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